Independent Record Label
Located / Based in New York City
Founded By TheeReal / MaddPropz

History Behind Us: With Major Credits Ranging From Ambient / Hip-hop Production “TheeReal” was notably recognized for having close ties / extensive work with Artist of San Diego , Los Angeles , Brooklyn , Queens , Bronx , & Georgia.

Starting off with Ft from Tall Can & Meen Green (Formerly Western Hemisphere , Good Lyfe MC )in (2012) I was 16 Years old then, to working with Sandiego artists who had close ties / work with industry artists & relatives. (Including MeenGreen) #RipMeenGreen

Leading into his ft with Camade (2012- Present ) aka Carlos Hines who ( later on ironically discovered is blood related to Skoob of the Legendary Das Efx) to having freestyle tracks with Cadillac-Que who ironically again was nephew of Legendary Artist Royce the 59.

Let’s Not forget during 2014 was a pivotal year after a small-time ft that ended up with older refined artist’s . TheeReal & MaddPropz decided to help a up and coming record-label

by discovering artist (basically A&R) for them which included helping them find tehse artist so they can work with basically introducing the owner to there music and social media : Jeremy Ian Thomas Formerly Known as Surreal known for work with sound-providers. , Dephrase and a few other to name .

Around that time a favor was given by then owner of that label to have a Ambient Track “Holy Spirit ” on a “Midnight At The Campfire” on Goldie Records, LLC

a start-up label headed by serial entrepreneur “Goldie” and veteran executive Lee Heiman.( A forty year veteran of the music industry, Lee Heiman was one of the first artist merchandisers in the US to represent such artists as U2 and Michael Jackson.)

Also a feature with Es A Canadian Artist & brother to producer Elaquent

Knowing History TheeReal Decided in 2015 to step back from music after accomplishing many things at a young age at the time he had a 1k Sound-cloud following ( forever climbing) and a social media presence in which he decided to wipe off the internet and later get more into education.

Brings us to Year of 2018 TheeReal Formed Officialmaddpropzz Signed a Publishing Admin Deal with Indie Uk Publisher & 2020 Released Agenda 21 .

Owning his catalog and starting his label off right he began to release “MaddPropz” Going more towards Jazz , & Live instrumentation , releasing his old rap music ending 2022! Creating his new arrival as people think” he is a new artist” he has really been here for a long time – MaddPropz

#MaddPropz #Officialmaddpropz